Tsipouro... harmony of the senses

The ancestor of ouzo is the tsipouro.
It is the distillation of the Raki (tsipoura) that is to say the grape skins which remain after crushing for the extraction of must which is where the name of drink Tsipouro is derived from. The presence of tsipouro in the traditional etiquette and the way of life of today is essential; forget togethers, for welcoming, in hospitality and in celebrations and in time of festivities.

During the harvest
We methodically choose from 40,000,000 sq. Meters of vineyards from the region of Tyrnavos, the best varieties of grapes. We then store the grapes skins, so that by blending them their saccharine transforms to alcohol. Then we place small quanties into traditional copper distillers.

Tsipouro Katsaros is produced mainly from the variety of grapes called “moschato” of which our area is renowned for. The secret blend of seeds and herbs, give each tsipouro its distinct taste and characteristic aroma. Its unique fine aroma and its rich natural taste flows from the “marriage” during the distillation aromatic seeds and herbs which are chosen with great care in particular at the time of harvest. During the first distillation we remove the “head” (which consists of a high alcoholic grade and aldehyde which gives a “rusty” taste) and the “tail” (which consists of many higher graded levels of alcohol which weighs down the taste and the aroma and are responsible for headaches). Keeping the “heart” of the distillation we carefully move on to the second distillation process, using the exact same procedures so that the concluding distillation has a cleaner and finer aroma as well as a more mature taste. The end product is then filtered and stored in the stainless steel tanks so that it can settle and for it to become a more homogeneous product before it is bottled.

Challenging the senses
The delicious drink and traditional cuisine and the frugal taste of olives, tomatoes, cheese and seafood but also that of meat and more complicated snacks all contribute in breaking the ice, creating fruitful conversations that lift your spirits and bring people closer together. Truly a custodian of traditions tempered in the social fibers coloured by the sounds, aroma, taste and spontaneous smiles.
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