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Last Updated : 26/04/2015
Salad Oil is a special blend of sunflower oil and virgin olive oil has manny uses and it's an alternative to virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, has great properties and taste.

Uses : Individuals commonly use the Salad olive oil in cooking. Some people prefer it because it has a very high smoke point of 464° Fahrenheit (240° Celsius), making it especially good for frying. Many chefs and connoisseurs like it, however, because it does have the aroma and flavour of the pure and evoo oil grades, although the mildness can be a good thing in cuisines where strong olive taste might clash with other ingredients. Manny commercial applications is to be used in "pre prepared salads" which need to be refrigerated for long periods to temperatures 4° Celsius and below; it does not freeze thus keeping the “pure olive look”

Storage: Salad oil should be kept in an airtight, container so that it doesn’t go rancid. Experts say that a temperature around 57° Fahrenheit (13.9° Celsius) is ideal. Refrigeration can slow oxidation, although it might cause the product to get a little cloudy or solidify. Storing it at room temperature - around 70° Fahrenheit (21° Celsius) - is generally fine.
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