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Sun, sky and sea. The Greek summer and spirit of freedom travels to small islands drenched in the colours of the Aegean. Friends gather at beaches and the countryside, in gardens, courtyards and balconies. The summer aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle mix with the sweet sound of glasses colliding together. The senses surrender and the fun begins! Stin ygia sas! Cheers! The leading role in this camaraderie is Ouzo. It is difficult for someone at such times to imagine how the charming story of Ouzo, the leader of the Greek drinks, began, our national drink which requires art in order to produce and art to indulge it.

The Art of distillation
From the alembic traditional copper boiler of distillation which was discovered by the Arabic people and operated initially in the laboratories of the alchemists during the Middle Ages. Their discovery of “Alkool”, the water of life, had for years been used for medical purposes. From the Arabic people the art of distillation passed to the Byzantium and to the monks of monasteries.

Raki  the ancestor of Ouzo
From the above mentioned the secrets of distillation spread to the agricultural population of Greek regions which produced Raki (Tsipouro) which was the main drink distilled from grapes and from other fruit locally produced. Originally its taste was sour and anything else but inviting. In fact it was mainly used as medicine

Ouzo its history
In effort of producing better quality and taste of the particular drink, a producer of that time in Tirnavos of Thessaly, a region in which the economy was interwoven with the cultivation of vineyards and the silkworm - became possessor of a Raki boiler as part of the dowry given to him, a common occurrence of that period in Tyrnavos. By using leading for that period ingredients and methods, and by adding various aromatic plants and herbs, he managed to produce a new high quality distillation. This new product was Ouzo. Reading the sources of the time, we learn with great joy and emotion that the person who worked hard and first produced the drink that brings together all the characteristic elements of the Greek temperament, the simplicity and the spontaneity of the Greek people, the “National drink” of Greece, was the forefather and founder of our company, Katsaros Nikolaos.
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